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The following guidelines and procedures facilitate student registration, and highlights payment terms of tuition and related fees for all students under Full Time, Evening, Online and Open and Distance Learning modes of study. The University shall only consider candidates who undertake the prescribed registration activities herein as a recognised student of the Kenneth Kanuda Metropolitan University and eligible to study and take part in KKMU academic activities including but not limited to; attending lecturer, undertaking assignments, sitting for examinations, in each given semester. The University reserves the right to revise the procedures appropriately from time to time and will give all students proper notification to this effect.

To be considered as a registered student:

  1. Complete the physical or online registration form during the registration period as per provisions on the academic calendar.
  2. Provide original certificates or statements/ transcripts of results in support of your qualifications and a National Registration Card/ Affidavit for identification. ( For new students only)
  3. Provide a medical certificate from a certified health officer. (For new students only)
  4. Provide two (2) recent passport size photographs.( For new students only)
  5. Provide proof of payment of tuition and related fees
  6. Provide proof of registration with professional and /or regulatory bodies where applicable
  1. Registration, regulatory, examination, and administrative related fees must be paid in full at registration, Plus:
  2. Tuition fees must pay paid in full or
  3. Payment of at least 50% of the tuition fees subject to approval of a complete formal commitment form.
  4. Any student with an outstanding balance from the previous semester will NOT be eligible to register until all outstanding balances from the previous semester are cleared.

Once a student has formally registered, the student shall then be provided with access credential to their personalized account in the student portal. This will allow the student to access learning materials, Library resources and the privilege to undertake and submit contentious assessments.

All students, new and returning students are expected to complete registration within the stipulated period as per academic calendar.

Where a returning student registers during the late registration period, a late registration penalty fee shall be charged.


The University shall not consider any students, new or returning, for registration after the closing date of the late registration period.


Only registered students shall be given access to the student portal, allowed to attend lectures, allowed to undertake contentious assessments and examinations, and participate in any academic activity.