The Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University School of Graduate Studies manages and coordinates the running and delivery of all postgraduate degree programmes offered. The School of Graduate Studies offers the breadth and depth of academic excellence, meant to change the perspective of the student’s life and that of leadership in organisations.  The programmes offered enhance managerial, professional and leadership skills essential for the application of strategic measures in addressing challenges at senior, middle management and supervisory levels.
The programmes offered include: Master of Business Administration in General Management, Master of Business Administration in Finance, Master of Science in Marketing and the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management.
These programmes are designed in such a manner as to accord busy working professionals with full time job responsibilities an opportunity to attend an advanced management education on full time basis while maintaining their positions with their employers.  The classes are offered on full time, part-time during week days, over a period of six (6) months at Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University, Ibex Hill Campus.