Who to Apply?

How to Apply?


To be eligible for admission into the undergraduate degree programmes in the School of Management, the applicant should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Have ‘O’ level credits or better in Mathematics and English, which are compulsory and compose schedule A of the required courses;
  2. Have ‘O’ level credits or better in either one or two from Schedule B; and
  3. Have ‘O’ level credits or better in one or two subjects from schedule C to make a total of five subjects

Schedule A (Compulsory)

  • English Language,
  • Mathematics

Schedule B

  • Economics, Principles of Accounts, Education with Business Studies
  • Commerce, Physics or Chemistry
  • Physical Science, Additional Mathematics
  • Geography or History
  • Metalwork or Woodwork
  • Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing

Schedule C

Agricultural Science, Biology, Engineering Science, Civic Education Human and Social Biology, Foods and Nutrition, Combined Science, English Literature, A Religious subject, Information Communication Technology, Zambian languages and other languages.

Application forms may also be obtained in person or may be requested for in writing from the Academic Office, Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University offices situated at provincial centres. These are located at the following places:

Applicants who wish to send the application fee by post should do so using telegraphic money orders or certified cheques and not cash.The telegraphic order or cheque must bear the applicant’s full names and address.
Send completed application letters to or apply online:

Assistant Registrar (Admissions), 
Kabulonga Shopping Centre,
Chindo Road
P O Box 32697 Lusaka,

(+260) 965 943 695