The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance prepares students for leadership roles in key financial management positions in the private and public sectors. The programme enhances relevant technical skills in accounting, financial management and economics, enabling the student to conduct analyses, managing portfolios and developing business strategies.

The programme consists of four stages. The first three consist of the taught part of the programme. The fourth stage is dedicated to research which students will be required to undertake, whose findings they will present and defend at the end of the programme.

Programme Description

Semester One
  • GBS514: Managerial Economics
  • GFS525: Financial Institutions, Markets and Money
  • GFS541: Statistics Risk and Decision Making
  • GBS520: Financial and Management Accounting
Semester Two
  • GBS621: Corporate Finance
  • GBS630: Organizational Behaviour and Business Environment
  • GBS660: Production and Operations Management
  • GBS650: Management Theory and Practice
Semester Three
  • GBS700: Research Methods
  • GBS750: Strategic Management
  • GFS720: Investment Management and Analysis
  • GFS722: Project Finance
Semester Four  

  • GBS800: Dissertation