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4 Years
Bachelor’s Degree

The financial services industry represents a merging of traditional banking, insurance, finance, and accountancy businesses, with a focus on products such as banking services, wealth management, and insurance/risk management from individual consumers through to major corporations. The Bachelor of Banking and Financial Services has been designed with our industry partners to allow graduates to gain the relevant competencies and skills to give them a competitive advantage

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the theoretical and professional disciplines of banking, finance, investment analysis, portfolio management, accountancy, economics, quantitative methods, law, and the Financial Services Industry.
  2. Exercise informed commercial judgment within a professional setting which emphasizes ethical and responsible decision making.
  3. A capacity to integrate technical and conceptual knowledge, and interpersonal skills to work effectively within the Financial Services Industry.
  4. Acquire and synthesize information within a complex professional setting.
  5. Think critically and creatively to identify better solutions within business constraints.
  6. Work collaboratively with others to solve applied problems.
  7. Communicate and explain specialized technical advice, knowledge, and ideas, to professionals and non-experts involved with the Financial Services Industry.
  8. Reflect upon work practices, conceptual frameworks, and performance feedback and action ongoing professional development.

English, Mathematics and ANY other three other subjects.

Have three “O” levels with a relevant Certificate or Diploma from a recognized institution.

Applicants with alternative qualifications from recognized Institutions may be considered, subject to approval by the admissions committee.

  • Full Time
  • Evening
  • Open and Distance Learning

Exemptions may be considered for applicants who hold diplomas, professional qualifications, and/or applicants with proof of prior learning from recognized institutions.