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4 Years
Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration program is designed to enable students to understand the process of management, administration, and decision-making in the public sector.

The objectives of the program are to help students; understand and apply the principles of public administration; to appreciate the impact of market reforms in the public sector; to help students become familiar with the concepts, principles, and theories of public administration finance; and to advance student’s career objectives by developing the skills and knowledge in public administration.

English, Mathematics and ANY other three other subjects.

Have three “O” levels with a relevant Certificate or Diploma from a recognized institution.

Applicants with alternative qualifications from recognized Institutions may be considered, subject to approval by the admissions committee.

  • Full Time
  • Evening
  • Open and Distance Learning

Exemptions may be considered for applicants who hold diplomas, professional qualifications, and/or applicants with proof of prior learning from recognized institutions.