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4 Years
Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies is built on three core areas: development theory, development practices and key issues and problems in development studies. The degree focuses on the analysis of a wide range of political, economic and sociological factors which help students understand the problems facing policy makers, development agencies and ordinary citizens in developing countries. This major requires students to engage with the history, theory, and practice of development, including a focus on international actors such as UN agencies, national donors, and global civil society groups as well as policy makers, social coalitions and civil society groups in the developing world.

English, Mathematics and ANY other three other subjects.

Have three “O” levels with a relevant Certificate or Diploma from a recognized institution.

Applicants with alternative qualifications from recognized Institutions may be considered, subject to approval by the admissions committee

  • Full Time
  • Evening
  • Open and Distance Learning

Exemptions may be considered for applicants who hold diplomas, professional qualifications, and/or applicants with proof of prior learning from recognized institutions.