Welcome to Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University


We welcome you to the Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University (KKMU), where we want to contribute to the economic and business transformation of Africa and Zambia in particular through the development of human capital. We strongly believe that the university will be relevant to you as it positions itself into a leading role in the provision of tertiary education. The KKMU was established to be a home to talented students and distinguished academics dedicated to developing the corporate leaders of the future. We at KKMU believe that, what drives any development that changes the lives of people is the Vision, which defines our future directions and the potential impact the university will have on society. The Vision of the University is “To be one of the leading institutions in the provision of tertiary education and research in Africa”. We see KKMU to be the” university of the future” addressing the contemporary challenges that society faces. Indeed KKMU will be the home of talented future corporate leaders and distinguished academic scholars offering ground breaking solutions to the challenges of our time in line with our mission. Our mission is “to provide relevant and quality academic, research and professional programmes for business and society in general”. KKMU has already built a reputation of academic excellence. The University is only one among other universities in Zambia which is governed by strict governance code to protect public interest. In line with our vision, we wish to be an undisputed leader in knowledge generation. Among Zambian universities, KKMU is a unique institution in relation to its design and philosophy. The main focus of the university is quality assurance in teaching and research, giving a voice to students to evaluate lectures and subject all lecturers to teaching methodology course to ensure effective lecture delivery. We see KKMU to be the gateway to the intellectual engagements producing highly skilled graduates for the long term transformation and sustainable development of Zambia and Africa in general. Welcome to KKMU “Shaping Minds for Excellence”

Our Mission

To provide Relevant and Quality Academic and Professional programs for the private and public sectors

Our Vision

Be the leading institution in the provision of education and research in Southern Africa

Our Values

• Academic excellence

• Positive attitude mindset

• Professional integrity

• Need-based education

• Leadership through innovation



Offering academic education in modern society, partnerships are an important ingredient for the consistent provision of quality education. KKMU has established partnerships and is open to collaborate with other universities, professional institutions and regulatory bodies. As KKMU we believe collaborative partnerships are important for value addition, to the education landscape aimed at upholding and enhancing high standards of education, research, commercial and professional practices across various sectors which will ultimately lead to individual, corporate, and economic growth.

The Copperbelt University (CBU)


Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Copperbelt University (CBU) school of Business to offer CBU undergraduate programmes at KKMU. Students can study for a bachelor’s degree from the Copperbelt University, in any of the programmes indicated under the school of business.

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KKMU Scholarships

Each semester, Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University offers scholarships, on tuition fees, for the entire programmes of study, to candidates pursuing any undergraduate programme offered by the university as part of our commitment to the development agenda of our nation, Zambia. The scholarship opportunities are awarded to candidates on merit but on a competitive basis, as well as vulnerable candidates at the sole discretion of the University Admissions Committee. We believe these scholarships will make it possible for many average Zambian students to access tertiary education.